Sunday, August 6, 2017

Schloss Restaurant Schwante

While I do like to travel far, something I also really really like is go and explore the Speckgürtel of Berlin. Thus, I took the car to Schloss Restaurant Schwante in, guess where? Schwante!

Above you can see the entrance to the kitchen and below the entrance to the restaurant. On a beautiful summer day, it's just as nice to walk around the castle though as you want to sit outside in the courtyard anyway.

The courtyard is decorated really nicely, I mean, a real chandelier outside? That's my kind of thing. The only thing I don't get are the palm trees which seem very odd in Brandenburg, but then I don't have to understand everything, right?

The restaurant serves a small, but nicely curated menu inlcuding locally sourced pulled pork, chanterelles, Schnitzel and locally made cheese. I opted for their interpretation of Ceasar salad which came with lots and lots of lettuce and pulled chicken. The dressing was a delight and the portion so generous that I almost wasn't hungry for dinner that day.

I never claimed I was normal which is why it is totally ok that I took photos of the lady's bathroom because the tiles! The flowers! The window! I wish I was the princess to go with the castle...

After lunch, I strolled around a bit, though there were too many mosquitoes for me to sit down in the deck chairs waiting for guests at the little pond.

Schloss Restaurant Schwante is just North of Berlin and open Fridays to Sundays from 11 am to midnight. Make sure to check their homepage just in case they are closed for a special event the day you plan to visit.

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