Sunday, July 2, 2017

Meals on Wheels, Jeju, Korea, day three

This is probably one of my favorite photos I have taken during my trip to Korea! Just look at that blue sky and the clear air and the happiness that all those vibrant colors exhale!

When on Jeju, it is mandatory to do at least one of the Olle-path hikes, at least in my book! There is a fantastic free guide you can download here that shows all the 21 olle hiking trails. We chose one that had the most coastline and was doable for people who are not the most avid hikers. So, we set out to the small island off the coast of Jeju called U-do where Olle hiking trail 1.1 welcomes you! It's easy to get to the ferry harbor by car but make sure to bring your passport as you will need it to buy a ferry ticket! We hopped on the ferry and about 20 minutes later, reached U-do.

Another one of my favorite photos from my Korea travels. For some reason, I find that this composition has something from an 18th century French painting, maybe because of the wave the line of women forms...
Anyway, hiking the olle trail is mostly easy. You just have to follow the blue and red ribbons sporting the Ganse, which is a small kind of horse typical for Jeju.  While in most instances, it was easy to spot the ribbons, there were also occassions were it was a little more difficult for us to know where our trail was, but after all it was only a matter of following the coast line around the island...

The black lava stone walls are the traditional separaters between the fields of each farmer on U-do. Koreans go crazy over rapeseed flowers and we saw numerours people taking selfies in a rapeseed field which, coming from Southern Germany where the monoculture that rapeseed fields mean almost makes you puke, we found that quite amusing.

After about two thirds of our hike, we reached the lighhouse from where you have an amazing view of U-do and Seongsan Ilchulbong, the sunrise peak on the main land which is a vulcano bowl.

Earlier that day, we had bought some roasted chestnuts and roasted Ginko nuts which tasted a little like chestnuts and we snacked on those during the hike. Actually, we had no clue what exactly they were until we googled them later that day and learned that even grown ups should apparently not eat more than 10 of them a day because they contain some kind of toxic substance. Hehe, oops, says me who had just gobbled down about 50 of them...
Anyway,  when we got to the end of our hike, we decided to have some real food on U-do.
Again, the condiments, I just can't get over them. Especially those tiny, fried fishes? So so yummy, as in, one of my favorite food memories from Korea!

We ordered this yummy grilled makerel, also just impecably delicious together with a bowl of rice and sashimi. 

And this was our view... not bad, right? Note that all plates are empty except for those with too much spicy red stuff on them... We were so stuffed from this meal that according to my photos, we skipped dinner that day (though one could also say that this was like a very early dinner).

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