Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meals on wheels: Jeju-Do, Korea, day two

Celebrating your birthday on Jeju, well, it could be worse, couldn't it? And since I couldn't decide on one piece of birthday cake for breakfast, I just went ahead and got two!

On the right you have a pretty good Tiramisu and on the left, a silky, yeasted chocolat bun with a center of soft ganache or as I would like to call it a dream come true. Needless to say this became my breakfast for all mornings on Jeju.
The location of the Café Delmondo, more in the ocean than on the shore, made things even better!

Since the weather was not perfect, we made plans to visit the tea museum of Jeju since I wanted to go there anyways and why not do that on the only cloudy day?

While the museum is rather small and the tea store rather big, it is definitely worth a visit because it is architectually very beautiful and you get to try different kinds of freshly brewed green tea.

Don't be deceived by the looks, this is pressed tea and not chocolate!

Of course I had to buy a jar of green tea milk spread, but I haven't opened it yet so no idea what it tastes like! The building below was where you could participate in tasting classes, but I guess you would need to speak Korean to do so. In any case, I'd actually love to move in there.

Adjacent to the tea museum was the Innisfree cosmetics store, apparently selling natural cosmetics made on Jeju, here coupled with a café that sells beautiful desserts, though we were not yet hungry enough to have some more sweets.

From the tea museum, we headed across the island to the South-Western shore where our guide book said the coast line would be very impressive. But before we marvelled over Jusangjeollidae, we were impressed by the citrus fruit sold right there. We later learned that they are called Hallabong and are the icon fruit of Jeju so to speak. We didn't have enough cash on us to buy some right there (they are quite expensive...), but later that day, we stopped at one of the many places where they are being sold right next to the street.

Now Jusangjeollidae. Jusangjeollidae is not just any kind of coast line, but one that really looks not quite like anything I had seen before. I'm no geologist, but from what I understood, the liquid lava from Mount Hallasan dropped into the ocean here with a certain kind of temperature and velocity so that it turned into polygonal rocks that look like they were cut out with a cookie cutter!

There is a nice walkway to enjoy different views of the stone formation which can be quite crowded though.
And there was one old lady selling snails which she cut up and many people seemed to enjoy them.

If you get the chance to visit the place, I would recommend to take a little walk to the left side of the parking lot, following one of the Jeju-Olle paths, as that gives you the chance to enjoy the scenery outside the crowds of tourists!

By now, I was getting hungry again and a birthday ain't no birthday if there is no cake in the afternoon, right? So next, we headed to Lazybox café, a really adorable café overlooking the ocean where I had a piece of carrot cake and some kick ass hallabong-ade, so so yummy!

Right above the café sits a huge Buddha statue and right below the café is another natural site of Jeju do. Apparently, you can walk along the water's edge to observe it but that particular day, it was closed because of bad weather, so unless we will go back there one fine day, we will never know what it looks like...

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