Thursday, June 15, 2017

Meals on wheels: Jeju-Do, Korea, day one

We arrived on Jeju-Do after what must have been history's shortest flight ever... I think it literally took 30 minutes to get there from Gwangju, making it the perfect weekend trip!

From the airport, we went straight to the car rental station where we picked up our small vehicle to take us around the island. A couple of words of wisdom on renting a car in Jeju: you need to have an international driver's license, which looks like what I imagine a GDR passport would look like. 
Driving around on Jeju-Do is really incredibly easy and chilled!
Now, the tricky part might be the navigation system considering that most of them won't accept destinations in latin letters. However, the solution are phone numbers! You just type in the phone number of the place you want to go to (check on leaflets or in your guide book), and the navigation system takes you there. So smart! Thinking about a start up to bring the idea to Dschörmani!
Anyway, we get our car and are on our way to the hotel, by now, it is dark, when all of a sudden, all cars going our way are flagged down by the police! I believe this was my first police control ever! They just quickly checked my breath for alcohol and when the machine declared that there was no hint of any, we were allowed to continue our journey!

Once we had settled into our hotel room in Hamdok-Ri, we went out to find a place for dinner which turned out to be somewhat tricky as it was already 10 pm and most restaurants had already closed the kitchen. But we did end up in a really lovely restaurant, right at the beach where seating was the Korean style, e.g on the floor. Poor other guests when he had to take off our smelly sneakers...
We ordered two bowles with raw fish, and when they started to load our table with masses of condiments including Sashimi, we were starting to get really scared as the Sashimi on the menue had a price tag of like 100 Euros and we were not sure whether we had accidently ordered that. Turns out, we hadn't. Those were just the normal condiments everyone got. What is not to love about Korea, and Jeju in particular?

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