Friday, June 9, 2017

Meals on Wheels: Gwangju, Korea, day four

After the summerish weather the day before, my last day in Gwangju was more on the colder, almost rainy side. Since I had plans to go to the museums in Gwangju, I didn't mind though. 

The Gwangju museum of Art was at the top of my list. To be honest, the exhibitions on display were not really the best, except for this absolutely outstanding mural, in which artist Hong Sung-dam combined his experiences of waterboarding torture during the uprise for democracy in Gwangju in 1980 with the tragic Sewol ferry accident. 

Next, I wanted to go go the Gwangju National museum, but by accident passed the Gwangju Folk Museum and decided to go there instead. I don't know what would have waited for me at the other museum, but it felt like a good decision to go to the folk museum as there were lots of food-related items on display! These marvelous woven lunch bags for instance, you just got to love them!

Not food related, but equally lovely were these glass pouches.  And then came at least 20 meters of plastic food behind glass, showing all the different dishes that are typical for the region of Gwangju. 

I wish all this was real and each museum visitor would get to try it all!

In case you ever wondered how the sheets of nori seaweed are made, well, at least traditionally, they were made just like paper. 
I learned all this and much more at the Folk museum and would encourage everyone to go there! It was very educational with lots of sligthly old-fashioned, but very lovely diorama (or dioramas?) and it taught me a lot about Korean culture!
For lunch I had another ricebowl, this time, after all the fish I had had the previous days and in anticipation of all the fish I would have the coming days, with fried chicken and mayo. My body no longer used to such a hearty and fatty meal, I spent the rest of the day napping and digesting on the couch before it was time to go to the airport to fly to ... Jeju!

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