Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Meals on wheels: South Korea, Seoul

Brace yourself for an estimated two million posts on Korea, because Schlachtplatte went to South Korea and took, again, a rough estimate around 2000 photos... So it might take a while to go through all of them and write up everything, but with one foot almost still on the plane back home, here is at least a first glimps!

When in Korea, do as the Koreans I told myself and on my very first evening in Seoul, I stepped out of my hotel and picked almost the very first restaurant that crossed my path. Of course I ordered Bibimbap. I was suprised by all the condiments that came before the sizzling hot pot of Bibimbap even arrived, but as I would learn during my vacation, this is just the normal Korean way to eat! How lovely for a person that hates making decisions because you can taste so many different things!

Ordering is simple, there are plastic versions of the food you can order or photos at most restaurants. When the waitress asked if my Bibimbap should be "little spicy" and I said "very little spicy", I'm not sure if we understood each other. I suppose she thought the Bibimbap she brought out was mild whereas to me, it was really on the spicy side! But still very very delicious!

Right next to my hotel was a place where you could buy Mandu, which is like the Korean version of Jiaozi. I didn't get a chance to order some from that place, but it sure looked mighty cool with all the steam coming out of the little wooden baskets.

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