Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Back in Zingst: Darßer Ort

I love German reunification day, especially when it falls on a Monday. And where to celebrate it better than in the former East?

So, I just went to Zingst for a long weekend! While the weather wasn't awesome all the time, it didn't matter, because it was good enough to sleep in a Strandkorb, go biking and go hiking.

Last time, we did a lot of biking, this time, we decided to explore the Darßer Ort, which is the Northern-most tip of the peninsula Darß and also a wildlife sanctuary and only accessible by foot.
Park your car at the parking lot close to the Regenbogen camping site in Prerow and then follow the path leading into the woods (don't follow the lighthouse sign, but the sea gull sign).

When you reach the crossroad, take the right turn (the longer path to the lighthouse). The path is only accessibly by foot, not by bike. It leads through a serene dune landscape, but make sure to bring shoes that are good for walking on sand.

And make sure to bring binoculars! Can you spot the cervine standing on top of the dune, right in the middle of the photo? We saw several cervines and hinds and were quite impressed by the rutting calls!

You'll reach the ocean, then the lighthouse, and then after a short path through the woods, you are back on the trail that you came on. On your way back, I then recommend you take a left when you reach the Nothafen (safety harbor), pass it, and then walk back to the car parking not through the woods, but along the beach. It took as about 4 hours, walking slowly and stopping severeal times.
Award yourself with a piece of cake and some good tea at Teeschale in Prerow, you've earned it!

In Zingst on our last evening we saw the most amazing rainbow, too big to fit into my camera!

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