Friday, September 2, 2016

Zingst or the one in which Vienna is forgiven and forgotten

Warning! This post may contain a horrendously high number of cheesy sunset pictures!
After Kyritz and Waren, I finally arrived at Zingst, a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea!

And after 30 minutes of walking along the water's edge and seeing this double rainbow in the pure, golden evening sun, all was good! As in really, all. I unwound more in those 30 minutes than in the 2 weeks off before. 

Might the following be the first picture of me on this blog?!? Well, at least of my shadow...

Zingst is the biggest town on the peninsula Fischland Darß which includes some magnificent nature reserves that you can only visit by foot, bike or horseback. Plus, every single day, you get to marvel at the Bob Ross' like sunset!

Renting a bike is mandatory (and really really cheap!). You can ride from Zingst to Ahrenshoop (the Étretat of German painters) and stop by the Weststrand, a nature reserve with a mind-blowing beach. 

Ahrenshoop was the most picturesque one of the little towns on Fischland-Darß. I recommend eating at Café Buhne, not necessarily because the food is outstanding (it's good, but not wowing), but because of the absolutely fantastic view! It's like I didn't know that my dearly loved Northern California is only a 3 hour carride away from Berlin!

Not pictured, but also worth going is the Café Teeschale in Prerow. While the staff were kind of rude, the cake was delicious and for someone who loves tea and never quite gets why cafés that put so much thought and effort into third wave coffee blabla still serve cheap tea bags, the fact that the café serves delicious freshly brewed tea is awesome!

Zingst has lots and lots of touristy restaurants. For lunch on the beach, I highly recommend buying fruit and vegetables at the little market, plus some Stremellachs or any other warm smoked fish, some bread and call it the perfect picknick!
For a real warm meal, there is only one choice in my view: Pizza Garten! 

They serve excellent Pizza (on the pricy said, but so worth every penny), in a little garden (no indoor seating, no bathrooms), plus, they have a record player where you get to listen to real gems such as the record you can see above or even this little tune

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