Sunday, August 28, 2016

Berliner Umland or the one in which Schlachtplatte works on making up for Vienna

Basically, there is one rule that I from now on shall stick to: Summer vacation must predominantly be spent by the sea, even better by the ocean. The good thing about living in Berlin is that the Baltic sea is only a day trip (if a long one) away! So I packed my tent and headed out of town.

On my way to the Baltics, I stopped in Kyritz an der Knatter (I swear I did not make up those names!). In the Knatter (?), there is a little island with a restaurant that apparently has been a local favorite Ausflugslokal for decades and after some years of closure, has recently been beautifully revived by someone who moved from Kreuzberg to Kyritz. 

The love put into die Insl is clearly visible. Staff are very friendly, even on a busy day, the sings and decorations are all very cute without being too much (as in: they are Hipster-friendly, but speak equally well to the people who have been coming there for decades). The burgers were yummy, the fries allright, and the cake really nice too. 
To get there, you have to knock on a frying-pan-turned-bell and then a friendly old ferryman will come and pick you up (the journey is 2 Euros for the round trip). Kyritz is a little over one hour from Berlin (if you're not stuck in traffic like your's truly... this vacation really tested me!), so well worth a day trip on the weekend.

I on the other hand did not head back to Berlin but continued to Rheinsberg where you should absolutely take a guided tour through the castle, so worth it! (plus, the Edeka supermarket in Rheinsberg!?!? It feels like you're in a posh neighborhood in Berlin and not somewhere in the middle of nowhere...). I put up my tent at lake Bikow with view of the lake!
Then I continued my track up to the Baltics with a stop in Waren an der Müritz, which is Germany's largest inland lake. If you see a pattern here, you're right: I slowly worked my way up with regards to size of water!

While Waren is really boring, you should definitely take a boatride on the lakes. Mine was about 3 hours and while the weather was as autumn-like as often this summer, it was well worth it! 

See you soon at the Baltics!

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