Friday, May 27, 2016

Les Vosges: Markets and hiking

After having been to my aunt's vacation house dans les Vosges for the first time in over ten years last fall, I decided to also spent my spring vacation there. The plan was to spent one week on the balcony there, reading, sweating in the sun, eating delicious food and occasionally go on a hike. 

Of course the weather forcast then predicted one week of constant rain and "mild" temperatures. But as the saying goes, there ain't no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, and so we hiked anyways, at 0 degrees. And on the way up the mountains, we stopped at every market we happened to come across. 

Pain d'epices and serious cheese in Munster.

Hiking around the mountain left to le Honeck whose name I have forgotten. In May, you get both, what's left of the skiing season's snow and les jonquilles!

This time, we didn't but next time, we should hike from le haut du tôt to Gérardmer, town of the famous pâtisserie Schmitt. This time, we were lazy and just took a short walk to then take the car to Gérardmer.

The myrtilles bushes were already full of tiny huckleberries!

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