Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hiking along the Basque coast

After my hikes through Bretagne last summer, even this year, I wanted to include some hiking in my summer vacation. I had asked the local office du tourisme for advice via email, and they sent me a pdf with a hike along the sentier littoral - exactly what I was looking for!

The hike leads you along the coast all the way to Saint Jean de Luz and you come across half a dozen of beautiful beaches along the way so bring your bikini! As you will stop by some really awesome viewpoints, I recommend you also pack a picknick for breakfast. The hike itself is a constant up and down (geographically speaking), so you better not have any knee issues, haha! 

In my next life, I want to be reborn as this clothes line ... what do I have to do in order to build up the Kharma for that?

So, besides Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz is another very popular fisher village that has been transformed into a busteling tourist destination. In many guide books, it is said to be a lot nicer than Biarritz, something I can't understand at all. I admit I only spent about 2 hours there, but what I saw was ok, not more not less. Sure, the houses feel mor Côte Basque with their traditional architecture, but it felt very touristy. And, helllooo, how can you tame the wild Atlantic ocean by building wave breakers  in the bay??? I mean sure, the many families on the beach sure liked the idea of letting their little children into the water that looked more like the Mediterranean, but hey, if that is what you are looking for, then why don't you just go there instead?

Don't you just have to like this drawig at the lifeguard-post? Speaking of lifeguards, in the life after my reincarnation as the clothes line, I would like to be reborn as Mitch (that is the Baywatch-word for lifeguard)! I mean, all lifeguards have to do is stare at the ocean, which is basically all I ever do during my vacations which means that my job would feel like one long vacation! I mean it's a good thing that they have so little to do, but on the other hand ... isn't that quite an uneventful job? (and, on a side note, is there some secret law that says that lifeguards may look good from behind, but have to have ugly, dumb faces?).

I had also packed a picknick for lunch, but there are several really nice beach restaurants along the way, serving local specialites with a spectacular view at what you would say are quite moderate prices.

Ah, the joy of enjyoing a hearty picknick after a couple of hours of hiking!

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