Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meals on wheels: Bordeaux part II

As promised, or threateningly announced: here's is part two of Schlachtplatte goes Bordeaux!

While there is the old, breathtakingly beautiful Bordeaux, there is also the new, modernist, or even futurist Bordeaux. The middle part of the bridge you see below can be drawn up like an elevator to let huge ocean cruise ships pass underneath! I witnessed this quite astonishing spectacle.

One of the reasons I wanted to go back to Bordeaux were the good memories I had of the Sunday market at the quais in les Chartrons. The fougasse I used to buy there while living in Bordeaux is one of my fondest food memories and for it, I had arranged to be in Bordeaux on 2 consecutive Sundays ... only to discover that the market stall that sold it 8 years ago no longer exists... oh well, luckily, there are many other food options in Bordeaux.

The market itself is still the nicest market in Bordeaux, much nicer than the one at place St Michel on Saturdays (though that one is the place to go if you are looking for fresh mint). I mean, just look at that cheese! Don't you want to buy one of each kind?

After the market, I strolled around les Chartrons where you can stumble across lovely stores that look somewhat fallen out of time.

And yes, that, for reasons of utmost authenticity, is a big pile of merde du chien in front of the poisonnerie.

Another place where I had spent a lot of time in Bordeaux and which has not lost any of its beauty is the jardin public, a park that serves as a green oasis with meticulously taken care of flower beds, palm trees and sculptures.  Make sure to visit when you're in Bordeaux!

However, Bordeaux does not only offer old art, but also contemporary art. There is the stunning CAPC, but also, the main station under reconstruction. Or what else could this wild collection of scaffolding be that supports the station at the moment? 

At the station, I took the train to Biarritz for a couple of days on the seaside, just like half of Bordeaux did!

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