Friday, September 11, 2015

Bordeaux: Potato Head restaurant

Another reason to come to Bordeaux was the plan to have lunch at the small, unpretentious restaurant that we used to go to for lunch every Wednesday while I was doing an internship in Bordeaux years ago. But that restaurant no longer existed! So I started to look online for a nice place to go for lunch on Saturday. 

This is how I stumbled across Yummy Bordeaux, who so passionately wrote about potato head, that I just had to try it out! 

They have a lovely terrace in the backyard that quickly filled with people. For lunch, they offer a very fair priced formule, but I went all in and had a three course lunch.

Their menue is quite small - three dished to choose from for every course - which is plenty of choice for me!
For starters, I took the Burrata on a bouquet of salad and herbs, tomates confits and water melon. At first I was afraid that there was too much salt on the Burrata, but it was just impeccable!!!! The best thing however were the tomates confits! I think it is not an exaggeration when I say that on Saturday, 15t August at 12:30 I had the best tomato in my entire life! This wasn't a complicated dish to prepare, but one in which only the best of the best raw produce was used and that is all that matters to me!

Being in Bordeaux, it would have been a shame to take anything but fish for the main course. The cod fish on zucchini purée and roasted apricots was a lovely, light choice!

The dessert likewise was an easy choice for me because one came with cassis sorbet and those who know me know that cassis sorbet is just about the best thing I can imagine! 

Fluffy Madeleines, tart cassis sorbet and sweet crunchy meringue - what more do you need?

And all this, including either a glass of whine or a soft drink, cost 24 euros! What a bargain! I think I owe Yummy Bordeaux a grand Merci for drawing my intention to this modern Brasserie-gem in Bordeaux!

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