Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fahrbereitschaft, Dong Xuan Center and some more Gallery Weekend nonsense

Gallery weekend in Berlin would be really awesome if it wasn't for the horrible art world people... ...
You don't wear black? You don't look like a Hipster? You don't look like a botoxed 60-something in Prada? You don't belong here.

Or, as my sister said "take a piece of shit and put it in some 'rough' decrepit industrial building where you slopishly painted the walls white, and people will pay 1000 euros for that pile of shit".

Fahrbereitschaft for instance, is a place in Lichternberg that used to be the place where the GDR kept the Mercedeses they used to drive around their guests of the state. But if you only focus on the architecture and the art and not on the people, it is quite pleasant.

And can somebody please buy me a small patch of land in Brandenburg so that I can go ahead and built myself a tower-datsche like the one above?  Pretty please?

As an adult, I post as many photos of a STOP sign as I want, ha!

Hach, the good old days when watching the wheel of fortune at my grandmother's place was something that made me happy (the fate of growing up almost without a tv makes you enjoy weird shows... and my poor grandmother who certainly did not want to watch that type of shit, but was kind enough to let us have control over the remote...)

I'd like to solve: Tristesse!


Regarding the art what I liked best was an overview of contemporary African photography and David Clearbout's "the quiet shore" photographs, a series he had shot in Bretagne which reminded me a lot of my summer vacation there. 

So, are the black tiles here some kind of secret Stasi-code? Or just the result of Mangelwirtschaft?

I spy with my little eye ... an elephant that has been bricked into the wall?

If Berlin was L.A., these would be the shadows of palm trees...

 Again, if Berlin was L.A. ...

Fahrbereitschaft is somewhat off the beaten path, but if you combine it with a visit to Dong Xuan center which is just one minute down the street, it is well worth a visit.

At Dong Xuan you get everything you ever wanted but never needed and it's the place where all the Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin buy their produce from. It's also a place to have excellent Pho and other Vietnamese staples!

 Am I the only person dreaming of a rice noodle pillow?

Since I had not yet had enough of artsy-fartsy, I also went to an open studio in Weissensee, to take a look a the Ngoro Ngoro show. Again, old, decrepit ruins...but with an infinity pool! Even Berlin's artists are gentrified...

Here, the most impressive work of art and a true discovery on my part was Pe Lang . Rarely have I felt a bigger urge to buy a piece of art than in front of his ephemeral, mesmerizing  pieces. The drops below are water drops. Need I say more?

For a truely funny gallery week experience, do the following which my sister found out by surprise: Walk around one of the locations, such as fahrbereitschaft, like you normally would. Then, the next day, come back but carry a painting under your arm. Apparently, this hidden sign makes people ask you about what kind of artist or collector you are... Even if the painting under your arm is just a piece of rubbish...

copyright of all photos j. copyright of the artwork various, for close-ups Jeremie Maret and Le Pang.