Sunday, December 27, 2015

And a happy new year!

I guess I unintentionally started a new family tradition last year: making fresh breakfast rolls. This year, I took breakfast to a new level by making fresh breakfast rolls AND croissants.

It sounds like more work than it really is and Christmas, where all you do is eat and sleep is perfect to fit some dough-folding every 30 minutes into your schedule. 

Plus, if you are lucky, you are being rewarded with a beautiful sunrise to enjoy while the rest of the house is still asleep!

I followed her instructions obediently and trust that all my readers understand German so I'll just direct you to her recipe (there is even a step-by-step video, so it's basically fool-proof!). My only alteration was that I prepared everything the afternoon before and then let the raw croissants rise over night to then bake them early in the morning while preparing the dough for the rolls!

So either you make up a great excuse now or you surprise your loved ones with freshly baked croissants and breakfast roles on New Year's Day! Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry X Mas

And no worries, we eat far more unhealthy food than depicted here!

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bright, Brighter, Brighton

Since we are about to celebrate Christmas in July, at least it feels that way (there is cherry blossom tree blooming here in London!), I thought it was appropriate to share some photos of my day at the beach... on November 1st...

Apparently, I knew very little about London before I arrived here, because I certainly didn't know, that the beach was totally within a day trip reach! So when they announced 15 °C for Sunday, November 1st,  I spontaneoulsy took the train to Brighton!
We started in London in fog so thick that you couldn't see anything, but by the time I arrived in Brighton, the sky was as blue as it possibly could be!

Bathrooms are kind of quirky in Brighton...

Hungry from walking along the pebble beach, I decided to go for High Tea at the Blackbird Tea Room. The food was as delicious as it looks, but for one person, it was almost too much! (not pictured is the scone that was also part of the high tea...)

With my belly filled to the max, I headed back to the beach where I took an afternoon nap. It was so warm that i was only wearing a t-shirt! Then, I walked past the Grand Budapest Hotel, some quirky modernist  architecture, the burned down old pier before I headed back to the train station to catch the train to London!

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Biarritz, France: les halles

The Atlantic Ocean is the first ocean I ever saw in my life, it is the first ocean I ever dipped my feet into, it's where I saw the statue of liberty for the first time when I was about 6 years old, sitting in the dunes and my dad told me to look closely and I would see it on the horizon, in short: other contintes might also border on nice oceans, but there is only one Atlantic ocean.

Now, if on a maritime scale, the Atlantic Ocean is the mother of all oceans, my point of reference, the same holds true for the French cuisine when I think about my culinary point of reference.
Birritz in that sense offers both reference points on a golden platter. The incredible, wild Atlantic and the halles of Biarritz, a true foodie paradise.

Thanks to my mother, I knew that there would be a night market around les halles on Wednesday and it turned out the perfect way for me to eat myself through a variety of local produce.

Piggy looked a little sad, maybe it knew that on the other side of the market stall, cornets of ham were for sale...

A variety of finger food, like foie gras burgers for 5 Euros were on display (unfortunately with truffle oil, how dare one ruin foie gras with truffle oil?)

On regular days - every day - the market hall is open from 7:30 to 13:30, and the perfect way to start your day in Biarritz is to go there to shop for breakfast and a beach picknick. In my case, that would always include a pain aux raisins, a local yoghurt, two different kinds of brebis, a baguette grand siècle, some tomatoes, apricots and mirabelles, what more do you need?

I don't believe in God, but cheeses is my saviour!


If you don't find the time (or the car) to go to Espelette, you can also buy a variety of Piment d'Espelette in the market hall, together with other locally sourced products that make a good souvenir. 

Ocean + awesome food = happiness!

copyright of all photos j.