Thursday, November 6, 2014


I was mostly extremely fortunate with the weather in Bretagne: it was always around 20 °C or warmer and except for one day, the sun was always shining. 

I spent the last, rainy day, walking from Ploumanach to Trégastel and back.

Literally right when I got to Trégastel, it started to pour! So I walked into this bar, right at the ocean and by some weird coincidence, this bar (!) had an entire display of Kouign-Amann! Heaven! Kouign-Amann is a buttery-caramel cake that is traditionally made and eaten in Bretagne. I had one with a filling of fraises de Plougastel and a mint tea on the side. Why is it by the way, that even the dingiest bar in France has decent tea bags whereas in Germany, even some great cafés offer you the cheapest supermarket tea?

After having read the entire local newspaper at the bar and listened to the raindrops hitting the window, I put on my raincoat and started my way back to Ploumanach. Hiking in the rain was ok, though I think I would have freaked out if I had had more than just one and a half hours of walking ahead of me. 

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