Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream // Union Square Market

Better late than never, I'm rounding up my time in New York with a big bang - Union Square's summer night!

Funny enough, this year, I hardly ever went to Union Square market but with my sister visiting during my last week in New York, we decided to walk over it one more time since we were close by anyway. And good thing we did because we discovered right then and there that a special event was to take place later in the day: Summer night, where local restaurants sell small dishes to entice you to their restaurants!

We made a solid start with spring pea panzanella and continued in the greens-section, with added duck breast - sooo good!

The tuna sliders were good, if a little on the dry side.

The roasted mushroom salad was probably the least impressive of all dishes we tried (and we tried almost all of them...)

And here, my memory goes blank. Did we really have Moroccan Spiced goat or did I just take pictures of it? As I am the kind of person that remembers every dish she probably ever had (including the sticky rice I had at Shanghai Café in Chinatown  almost 10 years ago...), it feels really awkward not to know wether we had a sample of the goat or not...

Whereas the green gazpacho was simply too spicy for my taste (I suppose too many raw onions) that salad was pure heaven! That vanilla poached pear was among the best things I've ever eaten and it harmonized exceptionally well with the cheese and the nuts!

The ricotta-Stulle was alright, but the basil pudding with strawberry granola was truly outstanding - at least in my opinion. Others didn't like it that much which meant that I got to eat the whole pot by myself, yeah!

Last but not least, we have the secret and truly unexpected winner of the evening - a cold potato soup?!? I hardly dare write this because (warm) potato soup was one of the few things we would literally throw a fit over as children - we hated it that much! I mean we would rather eat a piece of dry bread for dinner than a bowl of potato soup! But this cold potato soup, which by the way, we only orderd because the Taco stall was temporarily out of Tacos, was absolutely delicious!

All in all, the night market felt like an ideal chance to say good  bye to culinary Manhattan, sort of the cherry on top of the Manhattan-Sundae!

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