Friday, August 29, 2014

Ile de Bréhat

The first day of hiking led me to the Ile de Bréhat, also known as the flower island of Bretagne. Is there a better way to start the day than to ride a boat?

Even though it was supposed to be gray and gloomy, the sky was blue and the sun was shining when I arrived on the island!

There is a small but great market taking place every day in the middle of the (only) town with great produce, some directly from the island! It gives you the chance to buy a picknick! This was exactly how I had imagined this vacation to look like!

Half way on the path leading to the lighthouse in the Northern part of the island you will pass another petit marché, next to the house of the local farmer. You can also buy freshly baked organic bread there. I know, this sounds so idyllic it might as well be a lie...

There are no cars on the island which makes it especially idyllic!

After having walked around the island for 3 hours, I sat down in le jardin des coquettes, a small creperie and salon de thé. My galette with ham and cheese together with an organic salad from the island tasted great after my hike.

Back "sur le continent", I hiked another 2 hours back to my hotel in Paimpol!

copyright of all photos j.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Paimpol, Bretagne, France

After years of neglecting France as a place to go on vacation, I was longing to go there this year!

I spent almost all (well, actually, all) of my childhood summer vacations in France and all I wanted this year was a very 'old Europe' style vacation: Charming architecture, a long standing, high quality food tradition, and lazy days at sophisticated beaches. Coming back to France felt like having a rendez-vous with an old lover who knows exactly want you like - pain aux raisins in bed for breakfast, romantic sunsets and charming copliments about your language skills. 

I spent 9 nine days in Bretagne, hiking along the Grand Route 34 from small town to small town, most of the time directly next to the ocean. It was so relaxing and so slow - in a good way! I will cover some parts of the hike in different posts. I started in Paimpol, a very typically breton little town with a nice harbour.

Right there in the center of the town is a small brocante, selling nothing but old tableware and linnes - ahm, right, I have to be kidding, non? It was like a wet dream come true... and I really really kept myself from spending my entire vacation budget right there and then. A small assiette de gateau however had to follow me back to Berlin...

Paimpol is really cute and full of details and flowers!


The Boulangerie Ezgarcaga at place du martray is the best one in Paimpol in my opinion. Their pommé was the best I've had during my entire trip.
There is also an awesome wine and regional specialties store right around the corner.

This, too, is France: a screaming bright manège in front of a beautiful old church...

And this is the true Trinité of the French religion - food!

As everywhere in Bretagne, fish mongers are omnipresent in Paimpol.

The harbor in Paimpol is perfect for a picknick - just buy an éclair or tartelette aux fraises at a boulangerie and have a seat on a bench at the harbor. As a foodie-pro, I of course had a fork with me from back home to enjoy my picknicks in style!

The colors in Bretagne are stunning - whether in the evening or early in the morning! I was exceptionally lucky with the weather and truly enjoyed the dramatic skies that the maritim climate paints onto the sky.

copyright of all photos j.