Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blue Hill Café Revisited

We actually just went to Storm King again so that I would have an excuse to stop by Blue Hill Café at Stone Barn's farm on the way up to have another one of those über-delicious (did I really just write über?!?) apple tartellettes.

 ...which they didn't have BUT the same kind with strawberries - even better! An awesome breakfast treat and I should have gone ahead and gotten two right then, because one hour later, when we came back from visiting the sheep and the pigs, all strawberry tartellettes had already sold... I might have cried a little...

It was lovely to get out of the concret djungle also known as Manhattan and to see real, cute chiks and ducklings! A round of awwwws please!

Of course we also had to pay a visit to the lambs which both had grown impressively and luckyly survived Easter!

And this is what it looks like when two people who had just had breakfast order lunch... to be fair, we didn't eat all the pastries right then and there but had them as a picknick when we wandered around Storm King!

copyright of all photos j.


  1. Ach liebe Judith, da würde ich ja gerne mal hin! Und solche schönen Sträuße Sweetpeas, gibt es die hier auch irgendwo? Hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder!

    1. Jaaa, bald müssen wir das doch mal wieder hinbekommen! Auf dem Markt gibt es hier momentan total schöne Dahlien-Sträuße und Brombeerzweige, die sind noch schöner als die Sweetpeas!