Saturday, May 31, 2014

Smooch // Brooklyn

When it's 26°C in early May and your favorite pair of shorts are being worn the first time this summer, and the sky is deep blue, the wind is blowing in a mild breeze, then it's time for a nice breakfast outdoors. 

I had previously been to Smooch to buy ice lattes, and always peered nosily over at the plates of those people who had ordered one of the sandwhiches on the menu. So, on that early summer day in May, I decided to give the Smooch-sandwhiches a try. I chose the tomato, egg and avocado sandwich on toasted ciabatta. 

It came with a lot of olive oil, yum! As always, my main complaint is the portion size. One of the two slices would have been perfectly enough and that way, I would have even had room left for something sweet.

Smooch is totally a neighborhood-hang out, especially for hipsters and their kids. The it-accessory is a newborn and a toddler sibbling with a scooter, and of course one of the parents only speaks Swedish/French/Spanish/Turkish/Hebrew with the kid. Might sound off-putting, but I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and the meeting-point vibe it had. Plus, it's a perfect spot for people watching!

I then walked off the meal in Williamsburg, admiring different kinds of street art: the good old graffiti, the art of stenciling and the art of dripping - the latter being the one that impressed me the most.

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