Friday, May 23, 2014

Russ & Daughters // Lower East Side

Feminism rules! Russ & Daughters rocks in a world in which most businesses that celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2014 would probably be called '... & sons'!

It is an incredibly charming store that has been famous for its smoked fish since 1914! So, obviously, the best thing to get there is a bagel with schmear and lox. For some strange reason, I was not really too keen on lox when I was there, and, 5 seconds before ordering it anyway, I had the flash of genius to ask them whether they also sold warm smoked salmon and whether they could put that on my bagel! And yes, indeed, that was an option. The most delicous one, dare I say! 

The award for cutest and most timeless wrapping paper goes to.... Russ & Daughters! Wonder if they sell it by the yard?!? (Note for my imaginary to do list: don't be too shy to ask next time you go there...)

With my months in NYC coming to an end, this is definitely one of those places that I want to go back to before I leave the city for good. And it helps that il laboratorio del gelato is just a couple of minutes down the road, they really do have the best ice cream in New York, the scoops are European sizes (as in: small compared to the American sizes, but I like them a lot better that way) and if it's your lucky day, they even have cassis ice cream!!

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