Sunday, May 4, 2014

Absolute Bagels

With a true bagel lover and connoisseur (or connoisseuse?) on visit, I just had to go to Absolute Bagels, supposedly the best Bagel shop you will find in New York and just a couple of blogs from my place. 

It's a great place for breakfast but it is crowded all day, every day.
It's very simple, incredibly old school, but I love it even more because of that. I usually get the breakfast bagel, packed with an egg (that oddly looks like a sponge), bacon and Scheiblettenkäse, heartburn is complimentary. I couldn't have that for breakfast every morning, but once in a while, it is the best breakfast imaginable!

I usually like my bagles plain and simple, such as with good old schmear, but I am sure that some of their flavored schmears, though weird-looking, also taste great! 

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