Thursday, March 13, 2014

I fear the day of the intervention

Because that day will certainly come.

Say hello to ChefinspektorWachmeister Eisner. My latest addition of things I don't need but can't resist when I see them at a flea market. One day, my family and friends will gather, surprise me in my apartment and send me into therapy. I will never be crazy cat woman but I am on my way to becoming crazy objects from flea market woman. So let me just stress that while I did spend 12 dollars on that wooden toy, I bravely abstained from buying that beautiful children's typewriter made from tin for 25 dollars. 
Of course, I also had Onigiri and then tried a different Japanese chef currently present at Brooklyn Flea: Inglorivs Kaburayvs .

They have a different menu every time I go there and this time served one of my favorite dishes - Teriyaki chicken. How come the chicken always is so soft and juice? They served Japanese style potato salad with it (I would have preferred rice), a slice of bread as well as a salad with an incredibly tasty Shiso-dressing from MOMO dressing

So thumbs up for the food and thumps up for ChefinspektorWachmeister Eisner!

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  1. Hi, I can`t find a picture of the typewriter, but if you want it you got to get it ,and if you have not enough space in your apartment I know a collectorsroom, where it will get asylum.

    1. As if there was room for the typewriter in that room, haha!

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