Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rice & Miso everyday // and you could sense spring was in the air

Spiegel online was featuring an article about the new wave of hybrid food that is sweeping through New York at the moment, you know, cronut, bruffin, ramen-burger.

So is it time to call the good old cheese sandwich "cheeswich" and make a fortune with that brilliant idea? Honestly, hybrid food makes me yawn. And cronuts? I don't get the hype. I haven't had one, but what do people expect? Of course fat plus flour plus sugar will taste good, so get over it. 

Nevertheless, I went to Brooklyn Winter Fleamarket today, which is sort of the epicenter of the hybrid food wave. The Smorgasburg at the winter edition is somewhat smaller, but I don't care as long as my favorite food supplier is there: Rice & Miso everday! Whenever I go to Smorgasburg, I always start with an onigiri with Tuna and Mayo from them. 

Today, I also had the curry, which was ok. The Onigiri however was as lovely as always! Onigiri are my favorite snack and I wish they were as widely available as bananas. 

I also looked around the fleamarket but didn't buy anything except for 4 old black and white photos. It always makes me sad to see such captured memories up for sale and I wonder where their relatives are or why they didn't bother to take care of those memories. So I bought four photographs and will put them up on my fridge in my Berlin kitchen and pretend that they are part of my family: Omma Eusebie - the long lost sister of my great-granny - in her new white gloves and shiny fur, Onkel Friedrich, the long lost son of Omma Eusebie, his long lost nephew Karl sitting on his shoulders and two photos from when Anneliese, the wife of the long lost Onkel Friedrich was showing of her new swimsuit at the beach that day it was really windy together with her best friend Edna. If we all would adopt old photographs like that, we could give those memories a new home!

And spring, let me tell you, there was a sense of spring in the air! The sky was blue, the sun was shining as if to proof that it had not forgotten how to warm us all up! 

Some impressions from a stroll through Williamsburg with a sense of spring bringing a smile to my face!

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