Sunday, February 16, 2014

A thimble full of vanilla sauce and the good mood bus

After visiting the Museum of the City of New York, I was met with yet another snow storm outside and decided to make a café stop to see if the weather would change so that I could walk home through Central Park.

I won't mention any names (hint: take a close look at the photo) but if you want to have the tiniest amount of vanilla sauce served on the Upper East Side, head to a famed Austrian Café! To start with the good things: my Peppermint tea was delicious. The apple strudel however? It wasn't really 'leiwand'. I didn't really like the taste of the apples used, plus, they were really underbaked. And the thimble full of vanilla sauce - mind you, the picture doesn't do justice to the size of the petit pot - well, I was about to ask for the missing magnifying glass... As a matter of fact, the only reason I took a photo was to document the tininess of the pot.
Oh, and telling me repeatedly where to stand in line when there really isn't a line, is just ridiculous. At least it felt cozy, sipping hot tea inside while the wind would make the snow flakes dance outside the window. 

Since the weather hadn't cleared up, I decided to take M 86 across town to head home which turned out to be a brilliant idea as I found myself on the good mood bus. I am not the kind of person who likes public attention, or being forcefully drawn into someone's performance, but the busdriver on this bus was just so nice and not overtly intrusive that when he asked over the intercom if it was somebody's birthday today or in the upcoming weeks, people at first were like 'ahahhh' but then started shouting when their birthdays would be. When we turned the corner to Central Park, it was determined that Max in the back of the bus with a birthday coming up on Feb. 27th was the winner and the bus driver asked everyone on the bus to sing happy birthday to Max - and everbody did! I don't know if the snow storm outside or the grey and dull Manhattan life as a back drop made people appreciate the humanity displayed, but literally everyone on the bus was smiling when they got off! It clearly made my day after just having spent 20 dollars on an underbaked apple strudel and a thimble of vanilla sauce. If you are really curious about the bus ride, google M 86 and happy birthday and you will read many stories about the driver. It really makes me happy when people love their job as much as he does!

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