Thursday, February 27, 2014

A brainfreeze not from ice cream // semi-spontanious visit to Niagara Falls

10 second without your gloves and your fingers are in so much pain, you want to scream right out. The wind and mist give you an instant brain freeze deluxe, the snot freezes instantly in your nose (sorry for the tmi). I guess I was wrong about the sense of spring in the air.

Maybe not the best day of the year to visit Niagara Falls, but since my plans for the day got cancelled, I thought what the fuck, let's go to the Falls! I had been to the Falls over ten years ago in autumn, but thought that they might also look spectacular during the winter. They do, and on a day with wind chill temperatures of minus 20, you have the place almost all to yourself!

Oh and Niagara Falls the town? It was a weird place ten years ago, and it still is.

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  1. Beautiful pics - but where are the Falls? Greetings from sunny - spring-y - Berlin!

    1. The Niagara Falls are in Niagara Falls, a weird little town in New York state (US) and Ontario State (Canada). I recommend the Canadian side for best views, however this time, I stuck to the US side!