Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smorgasburg Williamsburg

Streetfood is my favorite kind of food which is why I am completely sold on the concepts of streetfoodmarkets. In New York, the queen of streetfoodmarkets is the Smorgasburg - one in Williamsburg on Saturdays and one in DUMBO on Sundays. 

Were I to choose, I'd go to the one in DUMBO (more on that one there in another post), but the one in Williamsburg is slightly larger (or was that only my perception)? 

Good things about Smorgasburg Williamsburg: 
1. It's very casual, the atmosphere is relaxed.
2. There is sooo much to choose from: Italian, Vietnamese, Southern, Mexican, Japanese, you name it, you want it, you go get it.
3. The location gives you a nice view of the Manhattan skyline.

Not so good things about Smorgasburg:
1. It's outside and during the summer, almost unbearably hot (almost no shade!)
2. Portions are too generous if you want to try several things. I'm looking at you, ice cream cookie stand! You really think I feel like eating a huge ice cream cookie after I just had one of the salty dishes? Why not make smaller ice cream cookies, I'm sure I'm not the only person who would appreciate this. Thus, my advice is to come in a group, get different dishes and share.
3. Some of the dishes I thought were rather pricy, this again, hits you hardest when you come on your own, have no one to share things with but want to try a variety of dishes.

Funny enough, I decided to go for pizza - it was such a hot day, most dishes seemed to greasy for the temperatures. And for dessert, I had a roasted yellow plum popsicle from the people's pops stand. Now that, although not pictured, was by far one of the best ice creams I have ever had in my life. And thank you, dear worldwideweb, for giving my access to the recipe here. Peelleeaaazee try this at home!

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