Thursday, September 5, 2013


What does the PS in MOMA PS 1 stand for? Post Scriptum? Play Station? Both at the same time? Neither?

I must admit, I cared more for the building than for the exhibition.

Counting the layers of splintered color in the staircases and admiring the drawings on the walls of the staircases was my kind of thing.

I would say MOMA PS 1 is worth a visit only if you are in the city for more than 4 days. If not, there are more important things to see and do.

This was part of an installation in the current exhibition. Made me feel homesick, sigh...

So the restaurant at MOMA PS 1 is set out like a classroom, which means that people are forced to sit in rows at school desks. Why do hipsters always have to make everything so fucking complicated? I am all for inovation and all for creativity, but please don't forget that when people pay somewhere to eat a nice meal, they don't want to be forced into some ridiculos concept somebody decided was hip and cool...

The hook in the bathroom stall at MOMA PS 1 was having a tough day.

But the members of the safety club on the back of an ice cream truck which I passed on my way back home were all smiles!

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