Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brooklyn Flea Market, Brooklyn

Brooklyn flea market is a fun thing to do on a Saturday in autumn in the city.

Would I live here permanently, I would probably buy half of the market - every Saturday! Since I am only here temporarily, I stick to small souvenirs, like small vintage glass bottles. 
I recommend you go here and then take the G train to Smorgasburg Williamsburg, if hunger (or cravings) would however strike you, there are also a couple of food vendors at the flea market.

If I am obsessed with billiard balls? Now what would make you think so?

I wonder if the vendors consciously and purposfully arrange their goods into beautiful stillives or do they just 'happen'?

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  1. ooooh all die holzboxen ... da könnte ich bei keiner vorbei gehen. wie gehts dir im big apple Herbst?! strickst du was schönes? vielste grüße!!