Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brooklyn Flea Market, Brooklyn

Brooklyn flea market is a fun thing to do on a Saturday in autumn in the city.

Would I live here permanently, I would probably buy half of the market - every Saturday! Since I am only here temporarily, I stick to small souvenirs, like small vintage glass bottles. 
I recommend you go here and then take the G train to Smorgasburg Williamsburg, if hunger (or cravings) would however strike you, there are also a couple of food vendors at the flea market.

If I am obsessed with billiard balls? Now what would make you think so?

I wonder if the vendors consciously and purposfully arrange their goods into beautiful stillives or do they just 'happen'?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hollenback Community Garden, Brooklyn

I stumbled upon Hollenback Community Garden by surprise, walking around in Brooklyn. This would definitely be my favorite hang out place if I lived in the neighborhood.

As it was a lazy Saturday afternoon in mid September, the place was buzzing with people (and bumblebees) who were harvesting or cleaning the flower and vegetable beds. One person was explaining to two little kids how composting works.

There is room for a child's shovel set even on the tiniest hook!

Stillives everywhere you looked!

And the water tank? It was camouflaged to look like the very hungry caterpillar!! That alone is reason enough to love the place!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Somewhere in Brooklyn, crispy clear air, bluer than blue sky, golden autumn sunshine.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013


What does the PS in MOMA PS 1 stand for? Post Scriptum? Play Station? Both at the same time? Neither?

I must admit, I cared more for the building than for the exhibition.

Counting the layers of splintered color in the staircases and admiring the drawings on the walls of the staircases was my kind of thing.

I would say MOMA PS 1 is worth a visit only if you are in the city for more than 4 days. If not, there are more important things to see and do.

This was part of an installation in the current exhibition. Made me feel homesick, sigh...

So the restaurant at MOMA PS 1 is set out like a classroom, which means that people are forced to sit in rows at school desks. Why do hipsters always have to make everything so fucking complicated? I am all for inovation and all for creativity, but please don't forget that when people pay somewhere to eat a nice meal, they don't want to be forced into some ridiculos concept somebody decided was hip and cool...

The hook in the bathroom stall at MOMA PS 1 was having a tough day.

But the members of the safety club on the back of an ice cream truck which I passed on my way back home were all smiles!

copyright of all photos j.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smorgasburg Williamsburg

Streetfood is my favorite kind of food which is why I am completely sold on the concepts of streetfoodmarkets. In New York, the queen of streetfoodmarkets is the Smorgasburg - one in Williamsburg on Saturdays and one in DUMBO on Sundays. 

Were I to choose, I'd go to the one in DUMBO (more on that one there in another post), but the one in Williamsburg is slightly larger (or was that only my perception)? 

Good things about Smorgasburg Williamsburg: 
1. It's very casual, the atmosphere is relaxed.
2. There is sooo much to choose from: Italian, Vietnamese, Southern, Mexican, Japanese, you name it, you want it, you go get it.
3. The location gives you a nice view of the Manhattan skyline.

Not so good things about Smorgasburg:
1. It's outside and during the summer, almost unbearably hot (almost no shade!)
2. Portions are too generous if you want to try several things. I'm looking at you, ice cream cookie stand! You really think I feel like eating a huge ice cream cookie after I just had one of the salty dishes? Why not make smaller ice cream cookies, I'm sure I'm not the only person who would appreciate this. Thus, my advice is to come in a group, get different dishes and share.
3. Some of the dishes I thought were rather pricy, this again, hits you hardest when you come on your own, have no one to share things with but want to try a variety of dishes.

Funny enough, I decided to go for pizza - it was such a hot day, most dishes seemed to greasy for the temperatures. And for dessert, I had a roasted yellow plum popsicle from the people's pops stand. Now that, although not pictured, was by far one of the best ice creams I have ever had in my life. And thank you, dear worldwideweb, for giving my access to the recipe here. Peelleeaaazee try this at home!

copyright of all photos j.