Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party, Union Square Market!

One of New York's biggest and brightest farmers markets, Union Square market turned 37 today! 

And to celebrate, a Union Square Greenmarket Night Market was held! Well, 'night' here should not be taken literally, since the night market opened at 4 pm and closed at 8 pm... You can't blame a city that never sleeps for not knowing when nighttime is...
In addition to all the lovely farmers stalls, some of the restaurants around Union Square had little stalls at the night market and offered small appetizers. They cost between 4 and 8 dollars, and, if you had signed up for a free voucher, which I had, each dish cost 1 dollar less. What a bargain! I ate my way through five (!) dishes, and then I ran out of cash...

 quinoa salad with goat yoghurt and beet roots

 cold linguini with vongole

  blueberry pies (didn't try them)


by far my favorite dish of the night: heirloom tomato salad with fresh mini burratta, basil seeds and a delicate over-all seasoning
Not pictured: a pulled pork slider and a blueberry peach trifle, the latter I actually liked the least of all the things I tried (hey, if you say that the "peach" part is the peach-flavored custard, you better make sure that custard tastes peach...)

Impressions from the green market

  haha, just now realized the salesman hiding behind his book like an old-fashioned spy!

 fluffy New Jersey peaches

the 1st place in this market's nicest-sign-competition has to be a tie between the berried treasuers and the smoked trouts

 Copyright of all photos j. 

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  1. What a surprise to find a mid-week special instead of my 'Sunday walk'. Mouthwatering pictures - how mean is that?!??? Hope you're not 'melting away like ice in the sunshine' ...