Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And I'm far far away, with my head up in the clouds...

...and I'm far far away, with my feed* down in the crowds.

Views from below, clouds in New York. Small cirrocumulus stratiformis (I had to google that) and cumulonimbus calvus (that too), getting their backs sratched by skyscrapers.

* I promise I accidently wrote that, but then I found it to be such a foodiean slip that I decided not to correct it. 

Is it just me or does this house look depressing, err I mean does this house look chemically challenged?


copyright of all photos j // this is a filter free, instragram whatever free blog. What you get is what I saw.

On a side note, Whole Foods has a somewhat clouded perception of what is good for the environment.

The other day, at Whole Foods:

Schlachtplatte: Do you have a small plastic bag for me cause this slice of watermelon is kind of sticky!

Cashier: oh... we actually don't have plastic bag *staring at me pitifully and snottyly at the same time*

What Schlachtplatte should have said but kept to herself: errr, right. You don't have a teeny tiny thin plastic bag for me to wrap this sticky watermelon in before I put it into the my reusable,foldable cloth-shopping bag,  but of course you are selling organic salads and other meager amounts of vegetables in plastic boxes as large as the average Berliner bathroom????  Pardon my outrageous wish, how did I even dare to voice it!


  1. So glad you're making my Sundays - well, sunnier, again. Missed your blog! Enjoy so much being taken around the Big Apple - a good name for a foodist city.

    1. I would even send you 15 °C from New York's 37 °C over to Germany to make your Sundays even sunnier! As a matter of fact, I would even pay express delivery fees on that if that meant that it. would. just. freaking. cool. down. here. a. little. bit.!

  2. hihihi - hat die melone denn trotzdem geschmeckt? und wie es aussieht hat dein Hitze-paket funktionert und steckt leider nicht im zoll fest. Sauheiß schon die janze Woche