Monday, July 29, 2013

The Reservoir

My new evening routine: walking around the reservoir in Central Park.

The joggers swiflty flying past me, the sun glittering on the water's surface and my music on shuffle.

I think the secret behind the reservoir is that it not only holds water, but also stores the city's vibrant energy. And when you're really lucky, you might even spot a turtle or two.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party, Union Square Market!

One of New York's biggest and brightest farmers markets, Union Square market turned 37 today! 

And to celebrate, a Union Square Greenmarket Night Market was held! Well, 'night' here should not be taken literally, since the night market opened at 4 pm and closed at 8 pm... You can't blame a city that never sleeps for not knowing when nighttime is...
In addition to all the lovely farmers stalls, some of the restaurants around Union Square had little stalls at the night market and offered small appetizers. They cost between 4 and 8 dollars, and, if you had signed up for a free voucher, which I had, each dish cost 1 dollar less. What a bargain! I ate my way through five (!) dishes, and then I ran out of cash...

 quinoa salad with goat yoghurt and beet roots

 cold linguini with vongole

  blueberry pies (didn't try them)


by far my favorite dish of the night: heirloom tomato salad with fresh mini burratta, basil seeds and a delicate over-all seasoning
Not pictured: a pulled pork slider and a blueberry peach trifle, the latter I actually liked the least of all the things I tried (hey, if you say that the "peach" part is the peach-flavored custard, you better make sure that custard tastes peach...)

Impressions from the green market

  haha, just now realized the salesman hiding behind his book like an old-fashioned spy!

 fluffy New Jersey peaches

the 1st place in this market's nicest-sign-competition has to be a tie between the berried treasuers and the smoked trouts

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New York Philharmonics in Central Park

This blog is kind of turning into a music blog, who would have thought? 
Yesterday I attended this year's New York Philharmonics free concert in Central Park. When I walked home from it at 22:30, it was still 29 °C outside. The New York heat is killing me!!! But at least during the concert, the warm (and, compared to the 37 °C during the day, colder) temperatures felt quite right. 


There were lots of people, quite a number of balloons, a firework at the end that looked a little bit like all the leftovers from July 4th thrown together, the New York Philharmonics on one and and the New York Midtown Skyline at the other end. And just when you thought it could not get any better, lighning bugs started to swarm out among the crowd!! I loooove lightning bugs. If I will ever have a pet, it must be a lightning bug!
There was unfortuntaley also quite a lot or muttering, Daniel Barenboim in Berlin would have not approved of it. When he plays at Staatsoper für alle, you could hear a pin drop, the audience is that quiet.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And I'm far far away, with my head up in the clouds...

...and I'm far far away, with my feed* down in the crowds.

Views from below, clouds in New York. Small cirrocumulus stratiformis (I had to google that) and cumulonimbus calvus (that too), getting their backs sratched by skyscrapers.

* I promise I accidently wrote that, but then I found it to be such a foodiean slip that I decided not to correct it. 

Is it just me or does this house look depressing, err I mean does this house look chemically challenged?


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On a side note, Whole Foods has a somewhat clouded perception of what is good for the environment.

The other day, at Whole Foods:

Schlachtplatte: Do you have a small plastic bag for me cause this slice of watermelon is kind of sticky!

Cashier: oh... we actually don't have plastic bag *staring at me pitifully and snottyly at the same time*

What Schlachtplatte should have said but kept to herself: errr, right. You don't have a teeny tiny thin plastic bag for me to wrap this sticky watermelon in before I put it into the my reusable,foldable cloth-shopping bag,  but of course you are selling organic salads and other meager amounts of vegetables in plastic boxes as large as the average Berliner bathroom????  Pardon my outrageous wish, how did I even dare to voice it!