Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tom, Luca and my humble self

I admit, though living in New York is pretty cool, there are some things that I really hate about it.

 Knit-Art by Orly Genger in Madison Square Park

One of this was knowing that I had to skip my yearly routine of enjoying “Staatsoper für alle” which took place last Sunday on Bebelplatz as always with the talented Staatskapelle and the one and only Daniel Barenboim. It would have been I think my fifth time attending this year… sigh…


But tonight I was more than recompensed for missing out on that, Suzanne Vega's free open air concert in Madison Square Park was absolutely outstanding. She can sing. She knows how to play the guitar.

low quality photos = more fun in real life = no time wasted on trying to produce great photos= yeahh!

I sat left of center, she played “left of center” (seen from the stage). I live around the corner of Tom’s Diner (that Tom’s Diner), she played “Tom’s Diner”. Weird fact about me: “Luca” always makes me happy, although the song is about such a horrible fate (domestic abuse). I think it stems from the time when I didn’t really understand the lyrics. Seriously, when I know that I have something boring to do, or something I don't like doing (like doing the dishes) I turn on that song, and sing along and I cheer up!
Anyway, it was a perfect evening! More of those! 

copyright of all photos j. 

FYI: the last photo shows the line of people waiting to order their shake shack burger. Now, a burger can be pretty good, but here is a simple thumb rule: If the line is too long to get the last person standing in line and the first person standing in line on the same photo without using your panoramic-photo-maker, no matter how good their food is supposed to be, you don’t line up.

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