Sunday, June 9, 2013

The quest for regular European style yoghurt or: Schlachtplatte goes New York!

Do you know the amazing race? One of my guilty pleasures is to watch this completely braindead cornucopia of stereotypes. I mean, the teams of two are already presented as easy labels (the "gay team", the "mother and daughter who both survived breastcancer team", the "hispanic team", the "highschool sweetheart team" and so on and so on) and the "challenges" that the teams have to win in each country represent all stereotypes of said country in a nutshell (schuhpladeln and Bierkrug-carrying in Germany, Baguette baking in France, jumping like a kangaroo in Australia...). What the show doesn't get is that the true challenges of being abroad lie somewhere else. 

Schlachtplatte will be in Manhattan for the next five months and alreday after one week, I found my challenge: Finding regular, no low fat no no fat no extra vitamine a or vitamine d no made from skim milk European style yogurt that does not proudly announce on the lid "no growth hormones used". Ah, and maybe I should add that said yoghurt should not cost a dollar per spoon. After all, you want to enjoy eating it. I mean how freakin difficult can it actually be to sell plain old yogurt??

Until I find myself a decent pot of yogurt I just have to feed myself with other goodies. Such as Sushi and Rughala from the Chelsea Market, eaten with a view on the High Line. The high line is a former railroad line several stories above ground meandering through Manhattan's West side which was turned into a park a couple of years ago. 


 There are large deckchairs, benches in the sun, and terraces in the shade as well as occasional picknick tables.

There are interesting flora and architecture to be discovered.

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And, right now at the Northern end of the High Line, there is a construction site that put a smile on my face. It looks like an hommage to Christo and Jeanne-Claudes gates in Central Park, doesn't it?

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