Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Celebrate Brooklyn! At Prospect Park

Brooklyn and especially the neighborhoods around Prospect Park - the better Central Park - feel very much like a mixture of the Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg neighborhoods in Berlin. 

The it-accessoires here seem to be a) a baby in a stroller b) a jogging outfit drenched with sweat or c) a dog. So, in order to fit in, I will just have to get myself a dog because let's face it, even if I find a boyfriend tomorrow, get pregnant instantly, that baby will be born by the time I will already be back in Berlin. And me jogging? Hahahhahahha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha. Ok, I think I caught hahahahhahha. Ok, but now I think I caught myself! Good thing I am only staying in Brooklyn until I can move into my place in Manhattan so relax, I won't get a freaking dog (might get one in Chinatown one day though...).

Last Wednesday marked the opening night of Celebrate Brooklyn! A free (!) openair concert series in the band shell in Prospect Park. Though I had never heard of the singer (Patty Griffin, anyone?), I really enjoyed the chilly summer night (good thing I had been workig on a sunburn all day long, kept me warm during the evening) in the Park surrounded by people from the neighborhood sharing a picknick on blankets in the grass. 
I had bought my dinner at Gather - I tasted better than it looked in that brown paper box (green asparagus, Pasta with Pesto and Thai marinated steak). 

There are even food stalls around the band shell and people really seemed to enjoy the available hamburgers and ice cream sandwhiches.

Just got to love light stings stretching all the way from the stage to surrounding treetops!

On the way home, I learned this little wisdom. Seems like George Burns' childhood falls into the period when rubber boots were still made from wood...

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