Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meals on wheels: Mallorca

Predictable should be my middle name. Of course I am touring the local farmers markets and market halls. Of course I am buying picnic ingredients there. Of course I drive to a closeby beach to enjoy my picnic, followed by a nap in the sun. Boring? Maybe. But at least I am not the typical German sitting in one of the townsquare's many cafes, ordering a cappucino in German with a (enter your German dialect nightmare here) coloration. Saying Quiero un/a (insert your favorite way of coffee here) is not that difficult. If you managed to book a flight to Mallorca, you should be intelligent enough to freaking order in Spanish. 

Tuesdays are market days in Alcúdia. 

There is a Rothko in every pile of fruit crates. It's up to you to see it.

Picnic- this way please.

Impressions from Alcúdia, observed with an alert eye.

The picnic of the day: one empanada con pollo, a juicy orange from the island, tomatos, lunch dates (haha) and salted pistachios. Complimentary sand.

Cap de Formentor /// yellow lichen 

copyrigth of all photos j.

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