Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ocean Beach, San Diego, Farmers Market

No, we did not have parrot rôti in San Diego, duuuhhhh!I just liked the picture of this beautiful parrot which we saw in the San Diego Zoo. The Zoo was alright, but a Zoo remains a Zoo, no matter how hard people try to make the environment accomodate to the animals' needs. Which is why the place we went to after the Zoo was more to my liking. Of course it was another farmers market. "What did you do during your vacation, j.?" " I flew 12 hours to spend each and every day at a different farmers market." Yepp, that's sort of my ideal vacation.

Arriving at Ocean Beach near San Diego reminded me very much of the summer vacations of my childhood which we quite often spent at le pin sec, a beach close to Bordeaux, France. If you know the place, you know its magic. If you don't: it used to be a pine-tree-scented hippie-surfer-no-hot-water-right-behind-the-dunes, little-to-no-frill-lots-of-freedom place. Ocean beach has the same feel to it. It's packed with hippies, surfers, hobos, and the atmosphere is incredibly laid back.
Every wednesday, the main street is turned into an open air restaurant, aka a farmers market cum food truck fair. Cale juice seems to be the new botox and everybody seems to drink it, so I tried a sample and it tastes as disgusting as it looks. I will never understand why people will eat/drink something just because someone claims it's healthy.

One reason why I love farmers markets: you can eat several small dishes, which is perfect if you are a person as afraid of making decisicons as I am. And I really make the most of it. In Ocean Beach for instance, I started with a lamb burger with a to die for avocado sauce, and of course I also did something for my karma!

One of the best things about California is the freshly squeezed orange juice, which can really give you wet dreams (not the kind you are thinking about, weirdo!). One reason to go to California again was the orange juice I had in Ojai almost 2 years ago, but more on that in a later post.  In Ocean Beach the farmer let's you sample different kinds of oranges before he squeezes your juice right in front of your eyes. Why can't Berlin be right in the middle of an orange-growing region?

My second dish that evening was tamale. I had been wanting to try tamale for quite a while, but it never seemed to be the right occasion. And I was actually quite brave to give Mexican food another try after we had had a not so lucky Mexican dinner experience in San Diego the night before. Well, this time, the food did me better, but  I found the taste quite dull. Might have been because it was the vegetarian version, I don't know. In any case I don't think that tamale will every become my favorite food. 
My sister on the other hand made a better coice, she had a delicious pulled pork sandwhich, of which I was allowed to eat a bite or two. Sharing is caring ya know!

Before I will now let you indulge in a few Ocean Beach early evening impressions, let me ask you something:
1. Have you noticed the change from verdana to times new roman? Do you like it? Do I like it? (Dunno.) Suggestions for an entirely different typo? No playful suggestions please, only classy, flawless, no-frill fonts!
2. Are the pictures as crisp as they used to be? I had to downsize the pictures as I have reached my free amount of server space. I can't decide whether they are crisp and clear or not. Can you? Cause I really hate blurry photos (unless it's night photography.)

Appreciate your help, folks!

copyright of all photos j.

Ok, I am also off duty for today! See you back here next week..or the week after next week, let's see how much time I can find writing...


  1. Two weeks in a row! Congrats! Keep up the good work ...
    I think the typo and photos are fine - you might consider using a sans serif typo like Arial or Candara or Tahoma ...

  2. I always regret I lived in California before I discovered the joys of the kitchen. So pleasing to see the markets through your eyes! Enjoy...