Thursday, April 26, 2012

Say a little Prey' for me

Work - also known as: a bad excuse for not blogging.
A 2 and 1/2 week vacation in Southern California - also known as: one of the freaking' awesome best excuces ever as in ever ever for not blogging.

Here is a glimps of my prey. I'll tell you more about each little goodie in a little while. Like what I made with those beautiful Meyer Lemons which I smuggled through the customs...
There will be lots of photos from farmer's markets and food trucks.  There will be so many great tips about where to eat in and around LA that just thinking about them makes me feel a pang of fernweh...

copyright of the photo j.


  1. Welcome back! Missed your blog! And aren't you allowed to bring fresh lemons back to Germany????

    1. I thought it was forbidden, but maybe it's not. Oh well, for once, I wanted to do something daring and forbidden, and now it seems to be legal after all...I guess I will have to cross the street tomorrow at a red light to feel all tough...

  2. As I missed your blog too and I am glad you ´re back I tell you: if you cross the street at a red light insure yourself there ´s no car coming!I want to read more of your blogs!