Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lunch Deluxe

I wouldn't be surprised if this blog sufferred from an attention deficit syndrom. Sorry blog...Did I just say sorry to my blog? What does that make me suffer from???
Anyway, let's talk food. Let's talk monday lunch. Lunch on mondays must be sparkeling, shimmering, have the ability to make you smile. After all, monday must be the worst day of the week. Whose fault is it anyway that the weekend is only two days long? I would really really like to start a revolution which would bring us the 6-3-6-3 rythm. That is: 6 days of work, three days off. Am I the only person who would prefer that system? Has anyone before thought of this option?
So monday lunch has to serve the purpose of easing the monday blues. Here is my remedy: luxury lunch in a jar with vanilla salt flavored beans, beetroot, baby spinach and warm smoked salmon!

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Bean salad with goodies

3-4 tbsp of white beans
1 small beetroot
a hand full of baby spinach
40 gr of warm smoked salmon
vanilla salt
olive oil
a pinch of sugar

The day before you should place the beans in a bowl with water. The neyt day, cook them without salt in the water. Drain after 30-45 minutes. Spice with vanilla salt and pepper. Cut the beetroot (I always buy the vaccum packed precooked kind) into thin juliennes. Tear the spinach into small pieces, do likewise with the salmon. Layer the ingredients into a glass jar: Start with the beans, then add the beetroot and the spinach. Mix a vinaigrette with the olive oil, the vinegar and a pinch of sugar.
Pour over the layers. Then add the salmon on top. Close the jar with the twist off lid and take it with you to work! 
Talk to the hand now, monday blues, cause the face (and the stomach) ain't listening!

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  1. Missed you!
    How warm should the salmon be - or how do I get warm salmon?