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Ok, I will. I just no longer cannot. I have to write about places in Berlin. Even though there is already a great deal of expertise in the field, such as the foodie in berlin or nimmersatt, two virtual places I always visit when I don't know where to eat out in Berlin. For quite some time I was thinking that there is no need for another person to comment on Berlin's restaurants. Actually, I still think so, but I have to channel my enthusiam for Nasuna somehow. If not, the extasy over the place will make me implode, ok? 

I had already walked past the place a couple of times before and the foodie in berlin was so lyrical about it,  I just had to go there and check it out.
When I got there at around one on a Saturday, the place was empty which made me so sad. You can see in the store that every little detail is thought through with so much love for the food and the customers. I can get really frustrated if people do not get that and I can even be a cry baby if I see a place where the owners put so much love and hard work into and then it just doesn't pay off because the world is full of idiots who rather eat a doner for 2 euros. 

I ordered a bento box at the desk and sat down by the window, leaving a safety zone between myself and the tiger. Which, it turned out, wasn't really necessary, as he was of the friendly plastic kind, barking at some dog in the street. 

And, as I sat down, people started streaming in. There were always other customers in the store which made my heart fill with happiness because it means that there are other people who enjoy the place.
I was served a bento box filled with typical dishes for the Japanese New Year such as kuromame (sweet black soybeans) and lotus root which, according to the Japanese lady serving me, allows you to see the future through its holes.  I tried and saw my bento box. Yippieayeay, that means lots of great more bento boxes at the place this year!

Every little dish was superb, but the very best was slices of cooked minzed meat, flavored with ginger and crusted with black and white sesame seeds. Unfortunatley, I forgot its name but it was so good that you almost not dare to eat the last bite because then, the pleasure is over. 
Next time, I will also try some of the Japanese sweets and cakes which looked like jewellery in the large showcase. 

And last but not least, a few words on the design of the place. The store was built into an old German butcher's shop which means that you sit surrounded by 1970s tiles with brown onions on them. 

The way they designed the furniture and the desk into this store is in lovely contrast, and at the same time not screaming "design" into your face. It's not meant to be hip, cool, look-at-our-vintage-style-like. It simply is executed to perfection, doesn't make you feel like you, the ordinary customer, is destroying the whole design concept and therefore should leave rather sooner than later. If I will ever open a restaurant, café or store, I can just hope that I will have such a lucky hand when it comes to the interior design. 

Oh, and at 7,50 Euros, the bentobox is such a bargain!!

Danziger Str. 65
10435 Berlin

And while you are there, will you please check out the house to the right of Nazuna? And tell me how the top floor looks like? And, if you know the person living there, will you let him or her know that I would love to see the apartment from the inside? I mean, it must feel like living inside a ship with all those portholes...

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  1. I respectfully disagree! : ) I think there is plenty of space for people to write about places they've eaten in.
    And you know what? I never noticed that top floor.