Monday, August 29, 2011

It's oh so quiet...

...shhhhh! This blog is temporarily hibernating! I will be offline and kitchenless for a couple of weeks, which is why I won't be able to blog during that time. There will be a few timed posts here and there, so don't forget me all together. Real recipe blogging will continue in October!
There will be a new modem! A new kitchen! A gas stove (did you hear the tremble of fear in my voice when I said gas stove??)! A bundle of hand-picked bourbon vanilla personally delivered to my front door! 
If those aren't things to look forward to, my dear reader, then I don't know what....

Until then: Go have Ice Cream! Preferably at Hokey Pokey, Stargader Str. 73, Berlin, Germany. I can't say much about their 15 flavors, because so far, I have only eaten the grapefruit sorbet. All the 25 times I went there that is. Call me boring, if you wish, but whatever you do, eat ice cream there!

 copyrigth of the photo j.

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