Sunday, August 7, 2011


Most of the fruit of this week's recipe comes straight out ouf paradise. Which in my case translates into my parent's lush garden. It's wild and savage and not neatly trimmed and the artificially created pond by now looks like it has been there for more than a century. There is lots of trees, and the plum trees are turned into the best plum cake by my mother. The mirabelle tree sits right next to the pond, so sometimes, the ripe fruit take a plunge. 
My Dad shook the tree and me and my Mom picked up the ripe fruit. Back in Berlin, I decided to turn the mirabelles into jam. Since I had some very ripe apricots left, I decided that this would become a freckled-fruit-confiture: don't you just love the red freckles that the sun paints onto mirabelles and apricots alike?
And just in case you were wondering: No, I don't bake my own croissants. I am lazy, plus the bakery right down the street sells fantastic ones. 

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400 gr of mirabelles
2 ripe apricots
250 gr of preserving sugar
5 tsp of amaretto
juice of one lime 
juice of one lemon

Remove the cores of the mirabelles. No fun work, I know, but worth the result. Remove the core of the apricots and cut them into small pieces. Add the sugar, the juice and the amaretto. Bring to a boil. Boil for about 3-5 minutes while constantly stirring. Fill the hot jam into thoroughly cleansed glass jars, and close  them immediatley. Makes three small glasses. 
By the way: I wanted to add amaretto, but wasn't sure how much is appropriate so I checked other recipes online. Some suggested 2 tsp for 1 kg of fruit. I added a lot more and you still can't taste any (which is fine, because I actually just wanted to use it as a flavor potentiator).

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