Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meals on wheels Part V : Göteborg

Last weekend, I was on a three day getaway in Göteborg, Sweden.

I've been there many times before, but never on my own. Three days is not a whole lot, but I managed to squeeze in most of my favorite places to eat or buy food. Now, where would a true foodie go when in Göteborg? Right, to the church of fish, or the fiskekyrkan, as it is called in Swedish. It's Göteborg's main fish market, and since the building resembles a church, it is commonly reffered to as the fish-church. As I had just had breakfast, I skipped the decliciously looking fish and chips and only dreamt about all the great dishes that I could prepare with the top-notch quality fish on display. 

Next, I stopped at the saluhallen, the market hall, which sits right downtown. It's airy, packed with people, and a true feast for the eye! There are fruit stalls, vegetable stalls, delicatessen stalls, spice stalls, meat stalls, confieserie, knäckbröd stalls, you name it! It's a great place to buy a pick-nick which you can enjoy in the local park.

On Sunday, I took the boat out to one of the small islands in the archipelago south of Göteborg. It's free if you buy a tram ticket. Isn't that the best thing ever? A town where riding boats is part of public transportation! I love it! Styrsö is my favorite island in the southern archipelago (Marstrand would be my favorite in the Northern archipelago). It's what you'd call a Smultronställe in Swedish. I love that word. Smultronställe literally means a spot where you find small forest strawberries, but it is used commonly to describe a cozy place where you can totally relax. The island is small which means you can stroll around among the beautiful old summer houses, relax on the water edge, take a swim, and visit the cute little café Öbergska: It sits right at the harbour, they offer delicious home made quiches and pies which you can eat it their little garden. Who would say no to a slice of homemade apple cake with vanilla custard in that setting? I also find the prices quite moderate. 

Dear future employer, could you please pay me a decent salary, so that I can buy such a humble abode?
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Two more places I highly recommed but which did not end up on camera are Brogyllens konditori and Hagabiografen. Brogyllens is the classic old style café which serves lovely patisserie creations. Their prawn sandwich is one of the best and they serve tea in the classic théière Salam by Guy Degrenne - you just got to love a place that does that! Strangely enough, the café closes at 15.00 on Saturdays, so it's best to go there early, when there is still a whole lot variety in the display to choose from. I also think that they have more and also more elaborate dishes on offer during the weekend as compared to weekdays.
Hagabiografen is a totally different place. It's actually an arthouse cinema, but they also have a very cozy and stylish café. Their summer terrace is a great place to sit and watch the crowd which seems to have sprung right out of a lifestyle/fasion/state of the art-blogg. If you want to know what Berliners will wear next year, study the Hagabiografen's crowd. It also totally lacks the elitist attitude that in crowds can bring and is rather relaxed. They mainly serve pasta, soups and sandwiches and their small menu means that they rather focuse on a few dishes and do them well than offer anything and everything. I always have a grilled goat cheese sandwhich which they serve on home made nut bread. Their sallad dressing is also to die for!

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