Sunday, April 17, 2011

Citrus fruit 'Grütze' with amaretto curd

My Mom is a great chef, and she makes really lovely desserts, such as tiramisu (which, when I was kid, was decorated with a panda-bear cocoa-coating, as panda bears were my favorite animal. Did I just hear someone say spoilt brat?). Yet, for certain sweets in this family, my Dad is responsible. Such as Christmas candy. Or amaretto desserts. As a matter of fact, my Dad is the king of amaretto desserts. The other day, I found the recipe for amaretto-almond cream which we used to have with strawberries. Since it is not yet strawberry-season, the amaretto-almond cream production is on hold. His most famous amaretto dessert recipe however features citrus fruits. It's my favorite winter-time dessert (I have already shared my favorite summer-time dessert on the blog, can you guess which one it is?). Cold, tart pieces of orange and grapefruit, orange juice jelly and curd with amaretto to top it all off! The combo might sound weird, but try it, I am sure you will be surprised!

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Citrus fruit 'Grütze' with amaretto curd

1 orange
1 grapefruit
3 sheets of white gelatine (or agaragar if you are a vegetarian)
250 ml of orange juice (freshly squeezed or any good quality kind from your local supermarket)
100 gr of curd (Quark in German, if you can't find curd, your next best choice is greek yoghurt)
50 ml of cream
2 tbsp of sugar
2-10 tbsp of amaretto

Fillet the orange and the grapefruit. This can be tricky, if you have never done it before. Remember: Practice makes perfect. Which, by the way, is also a good excuse to have this dessert very often. I used to eat a grapefruit every morning, before I switched to smoothies, so I can probably fillet one while sleeping. Here are my main tricks:
1. Use a very very sharp knife.
2. Start with the grapefruit. It is much easier to fillet a grapefruit than to fillet an orange.
3. Be generous. Cut off all the white even if that means you will also cut off more of the fruit than you are happy with.
4. Watch this tutorial on youtube (and simultaneously find out what father christmas is doing in the summer time...):
Now, bring the orange juice and 2 table spoons of sugar to a boil. In the meantime, place the sheets of gelatine in cold water. Once the juice has boiled, let it cool off a little and add the softened gelatine sheets (not the water in which you soaked them!). Let it cool off until the mix is at room temperature. Place the grapefruit and orange segments in a bowl (or in portion-sized glasses) and pour the juice-gelatine mix on top. Voilà, the 'Grütze' is done. Put it in the fridge and leave it there for a couple of hours until it has congealed. 
Before serving, whip the cream and mix the whipped cream and the curd. Add some sugar according to your liking. Now, add the amaretto to the curd-n-cream-mix. The recipe calls for two spoons, my Dad always took six, and I prefer, say ten. Try several times during the process and you will see if you want more or less. Now, take the 'Grütze' out of the fridge, place a generous dollop of amaretto-curd on top of every portion, and then indulge your desire!

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  1. Your father must be a clever man, because he knows that you have to take twice or three times as much as written in the recipe for a tasty dessert.