Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Goodbye

The last two weeks were busy, really busy. If the last two weeks were a piece of knitwear they would be a 2 meter long, 2 meter wide square knitted with size 1 needles... On the positive side, I got to meet my friend M's little daughter L. who is the cutest baby born in 2011 (J. being the cutest one born in 2010). Her eyebrowes are as soft as milkfoam and her little ears make me think of swedish cinnamon rolls. So, in order to celebrate this "hello", I made some cherry oat muffins which I gladly shared with M.! But there was also a sad goodbye, yet a temporary one: one of my best friends moved to Australia! Australia, that is that far away place on the other side of the globe, the place my Dad tried to dig a tunnel to when he was a kid. I think about 1 meter along the way, he gave up, but that is still further than never having tried at all!
So Australia it had to be, and though she will be deeply missed here, I sooo grant her the nice weather, the beach, the barbies and the G'days! Her favorite cake being lemon cake, I decided to give the soaked lemon pound cake a try to take along to her potlach farewell party. People seemed to like it, as there was hardly any left by the end of the evening, but then, people might have just been really hungry. Yet, it also bore my examination, and so I was lucky to have made an extra couple of muffins patiently waiting to be photographed the day after the party!
So, in honor of the last two weeks filled with 'hellos' and 'goodbyes', here is the recipe of hello-goodbye soaked lemon muffins! And just for the record (pun not intended), I am a huge beatles fan.

 copyrigth of all photos j.

Hello-goodbye soaked lemon muffins (also works for pound cakes (does this recipe name ever end?))

250 gr of butter
200 gr of sugar
5 eggs
250 gr of flour
4 organic lemons
2 tbs of baking powder
80 gr of confectioner's sugar

Take the butter and the eggs out of the fridge about 1-2 hours before you start baking, so that they are at room temperature. Preheat the oven at 170 °C when you start with the cake. Grate the four organic lemons to get a fair amount of zests. Mix the butter until it is very fluffy and creamy, then add the  sugar and the eggs one by one. Add the zests and the flour mixed with the baking powder. Put the dough into a loaf pan lined with baking parchment or fill it into small muffin pans. Bake the pound cake for about 50 to 60 minutes, the muffins are done a lot faster, say between 20 and 30 minutes. Make the test of doneness by sticking a knife into the cake: if it comes out clear, the cake is baked all the way through. In the meantime, take the four lemons and squeeze them until you have 100 ml of juice. Bring the juice and 80 gr of confectioner's sugar to a boil and let it cool off again.
Once the cake/the muffins is /are out of the oven and still really really hot, immediately start to soak the cake with the cold syrup. It might look like way too much syrup, but just keep on pouring! Wait until the cake has cooled off, then take it out of the pan. Cut it into slices and enjoy!

I really liked the tartness of the cake, which you can easily adjust by using more or less confectioner's sugar in the syrup. If 250 gr of butter is not enough for you, you can top of the cake slices or the muffins with a generous dollop of sweetened crème fraiche (crème fraiche mixed with (vanilla) sugar). Some people smoke, some people drink a lot, I prefer slowly killing myself with fat.

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