Sunday, January 23, 2011

If life gives you leopard-skinned bananas...

I like simple things. Plain white sheets for example. They make you feel like you are waking up in a fancy-schmanzy hotel bed although it actually is Monday morning, minus 10 degrees outside, and you already pushed the snooze-button twice.
Or drawings. The most simple form of art, yet so elaborate, as they capture an idea instantly before it is then tuned up into a painting, which more often than not is far less interesting than the first simple sketches.
Or banana milk. So simple. Banana, milk, straw, ready, set, go.
It sometimes happens that I find leopard-skinned bananas in my kitchen. As I like my bananas best when they are still almost green (except for those you get in the tropics, but that's a whole different story), leopard-skinned bananas could be somewhat of a bummer. But hey, it's fashion week in Berlin and I hear leopard-print is up and coming, so banana milk actually passes as an it-girls accessoire, I guess. 
So, if life gives you leopard-skinned bananas, make banana milk! 

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Banana milk

1 brownish-yellowish leopard-skinned banana
1 glas of milk

In a blender, thoroughly purée the banana, then add the milk and whisk until the mix is all bubbly and velvet-like. I usually don't add any sugar as the banana is sweet enough. Pour into a glass. Invite your five best friends, get two straws each, and see if you can all suckle the glass empty within one second!

Banana milk always is a winner, it makes you feel better instantly and it also tastes great with chocolate cookies! I know I am weird, but try this: take a spoon and stir the banana milk with it. The numbed sound that the spoon hitting the glas makes is one of my favorite sounds in the world. Makes me feel all warm and cozy. I warned you, I am weird.

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