Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grapefruit Sorbet

Business as usual this week, it's Sunday, and a new blog entry is up! 
Do you like tart things? I do! My favorite fruit is grapefruit. I eat a grapefruit every morning. EVERY morning. And I do not add any sugar. I like my breakfast to be fruity and tart. It' s a good way to wake up. But I do not only eat grapefruits for breakfast. Actually, my favorite dessert contains grapefruit (recipe comming up sometime in the near future!). And this summer, I came across the best ice cream ever. Of course, it was grapefruit sorbet. After having passed my last university exam, I rewarded myself with a visit to Vanille & Marille, an ice cream parlor I had heard many good things about. And, yes, me too, I fell in love with their products at first taste. I remember  that after I had the first spoonfull of grapefruit sorbet, my vocabulary was reduced to yummmmm, yummmmm, yummmm!
Grapefruit sorbet is the most refreshing ice cream and full of vital vitamines (at least I think so). I tried to make my own, and was pretty satisfied with the result, although its texture obviously was not as smooth as Vanille&Marille's sorbet. I did not use an ice cream machine, so if you do, let me know about the result!

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 Grapefruit sorbet

4 grapefruits
2 egg whites
some sugar

Squeeze the juice of 4 grapefruits, add some sugar by the teaspoon if you want to and depending on how sweet the juice is. Heat the juice if you added sugar in order for the sugar to melt. Let the juice cool off.  Beat the eggwhites and mix with the cool juice. Place the mixture into a flat container which you put into the freezer. Now, go read a book. Once every hour, you should pay your sorbet-to-be a visit. Take a fork and scratch the layer of ice which is slowly building up along the edges. The more often you scratch and mix, the smoother your texture will be, though do not expect your sorbet to be really smooth. You would need an ice cream machine for that.

Even though it is as cold as ice in Berlin these days, I wanted to share this recipe with you now, because I am sure that it will make a nice and light dessert which will be very much appreciated as part of a Christmas menu.
You think ice cream is unhealthy and contains too many calories? Check out brilliant Christoph Niemann's scientific solution (well, almost) to this problem!

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  1. Great idea! I have several grapefruits that need to go.
    Sorbet schmeckt auch im Winter!