Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Mom's Plum cake

I wish I was the one who had made today's treat, but, to tell you the truth, I opted for the easy way and had my Mom bake it for me. It's our family's traditional plum cake which we savoured every late summer/fall when the plum trees in our garden where full of ripe plums. My Dad always had to shake the tree stem just a little, and a million violet plums were giving in to gravity. He picked them up, brought them into the kitchen and my Mom cut them open, took the stone out, and placed them neatly on top of the crust which she had prepared while my Dad picked up the plums. The funniest were always the piercing shrieks from the kitchen when once again, a worm stuck out its head (or its tail, who can tell?) from one of the plums...
As a child, I didn't like the crust at the edge of my piece of plum cake, nowadays however, I really don't know what could have possibly been so gross about it!

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Plum cake

For the crust:

250 gr of flour
125 gr of butter
1 egg
100 gr of sugar
a pinch of salt

Mix the sugar with the flour in a big bowl, add the butter cut into small dices, mix until crumbly, then add the egg and the salt. You should get one solid big ball of dough. Roll out the dough and place it into a cake pan (diameter 28 cm or similar).

For the topping:

enough plums (Seriously, this is what my Mom wrote. Only a baker who doesn't need recipes anymore but bakes by heart would write something like that)
300 gr of crème fraiche
3 eggs
2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
Some cinnamon

Cut the plums open, take out the stone, and line them up on the cake so that you get a spiral-pattern. Mix the crème fraiche, the eggs, the vanilla sugar and the cinnamon lightly and pour the mixture over the plums.
Bake at 160° C for about 45-55 minutes.
The best  thing is how the sugar in the plums will caramelize and coat the dough around the edge! 75% of our family prefers this cake with whipped cream, but I like it best without whipped cream! Enjoy!


  1. Das ist der Daumen,der schüttelt die Pflaumen , der liest sie auf, der bringt sie nach Haus , und der Kleine isst sie alle auf.Ich möchte bei dem Kuchen der Kleine sein!

  2. Und dabei habe ich den Kuchen soo lieb mit euch geteilt und ihn nicht alleine aufgegessen!

  3. Bei uns zuhause wurde auch ganz oft Freitagabend Pflaumenkuchen fürs Wochenende gebacken. Allerdings mit Hefeteig und wir Kinder durften immer mit der Gabel die Löcher in den Teig stechen. Das fanden wir toll :) (Und dass wir immer ganz viel vom Streuselteig naschen durften!)
    Aber dein Kuchen sieht auch toll aus. Vielleicht probiere ich den bald mal :)

  4. That is exactly what I find when I go through my grandma's recipes. :D
    Your plum cake is amazing!