Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meals on wheels - Part IV

I have been on the road again! This time, however, instead of going all the way to California, I went to southern Germany, where I spend a few relaxing days. We made many excursions, one of them to the Lake of Constance, which in this time of the year is on its best behaviour! Autum's long sunbeams send glitter  and sparkles all over the lake, temperatures are moderate, the sky is bluer than blue and everywhere, farmers try to sell this harvest's products. We learned that electrocuted dogs  (see sign below) are not welcome at the local farmers' market, had oldstyle-buttercream cakes, cut dahlias at local self-service plots (remember: only flowers which you paid for will make you happy! So always make use of the little cash box provided!), learned that Lake of Constance fashion must mean parasols, stripes and pelargonium-pots, and meandered through beautiful apple orchards! There were so many apples on each tree, you could almost hear the trees moaning and groaning!
Of course I couldn't resist and bougth some red cheeked apples! If you want to know what I made with them, you will have to be patient though and wait until next Sunday! Ain't this the cliffhanger of the year??

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  1. Oh you just made me miss home so so much. :(
    I am from Lake Constance and LOVE this time of year there. Good for you that you had the time to go, taste apples and enjoy the amazing scenery